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We are proud to announce KTM, Gas Gas, and Husqvarna Paying Contingency Program for our Harescramble series. Follow the links below to get signed up!

KTM Cash
Gas Gas Racer
Race Husky

EROC is very excited to announce that LUNOVA RACING TEAM along with NUMBERS BREWERY are bringing their PRO FOR A DAY PROGRAM to our series for 2019. This program is for peewee and youth motorcycle racers, At each round a name will be drawn and announced for the next round participant. PRO FOR A DAY consist of pitting under the Lunova racing tent for the day, cold drinks, pro mechanics, some sponsor swag, and other cool stuff. The PRO FOR A DAY for ROUND 1 at WESTERN RESERVE MOTORCYCLE CLUB will be CONNER DEETS, congratulations Conner your going to have a blast.